Newark Child Support and Custody Enforcement

Is your former spouse failing to live up to his or her obligations under your divorce order? If so, you might have several avenues available to get him or her to abide by your agreement and receive everything to which you are entitled.

Fremont Child Support Enforcement Lawyer

Attorney Cynthia Cho of CC LawGroup, A Professional Corporation has two decades of family law experience. She has handled even the most complex divorce and order enforcement issues, and she is ready to use this experience to help you achieve your goals. She understands how important it is for her clients to receive the child support, alimony and other items they are due — doing so is critical for a successful life post-divorce.

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Steps to Enforcing Divorce Orders

Few things are as frustrating as a former spouse who is failing to uphold his or her responsibilities to you and your children. Luckily, California allows people like you to seek resolution and get your former spouse to live up to his or her obligations. The process for doing so often includes:

  • Filing a civil contempt of court motion: Your divorce agreement is a court order, and failing to abide by its terms is considered contempt of court. This step requires filing and submitting accurate paperwork with the appropriate court, agencies and individuals.
  • Negotiations: When possible, attorney Cho seeks to remedy these situations without involving the court. By notifying your former spouse of a contempt action, it may be possible to negotiate a resolution outside of court.
  • Criminal charges: Criminal charges might be filed against your former spouse for failing to pay child support. California courts recently upheld criminal penalties for certain individuals who knowingly withheld child support payments.
  • Enforcement methods: Once you have a court judgment against your former spouse, then you can begin the process of collection. This could include paycheck garnishments and other avenues best suited for your particular situation.

These steps can help you obtain past-due child support, past-due alimony, property that was never received during division of the marital assets, or obtaining the visitation you deserve with your child.

Get Help Enforcing Your Court Order After Divorce

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