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Helping Parents Find Meaningful Resolutions

At CC LawGroup, A Professional Corporation in Newark, California, we assist divorcing couples and unmarried parents in finding meaningful resolutions in child custody and support cases. Our staff prides itself on taking the time to understand client needs and works with them to reach their goals.

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Fremont Visitation Rights Attorney

Courts determine child custody arrangements based on their perception of the child's best interests. In today's legal climate, most courts implicitly interpret that a child's best interests are served by joint custody, in which the child has extensive access to both parents.

Attorney Cynthia Cho has 20 years of experience in family law. She can represent your interests in court or in negotiation. Her counsel can influence physical custody and decision-making privileges regarding education, religion and extracurricular activities.

Further, Ms. Cho can advocate for you whether you seek sole custody, shared custody, physical custody and/or legal custody of a child.

Depending on a child's maturity level, his or her input can also influence a court decision.

Child Custody Modifications — Easier Than You Might Think

When changing circumstances affect a parent's ability to provide for his or her children, modifications to child custody and support orders may be justified.

These circumstances include:

  • Job loss or another decrease in income
  • Promotion or other significant increases in income
  • Changes in time spent with children
  • Change of school
  • A parent's decision to move to another city, state or country
  • A new significant other in your or other parent's life
  • Changes in housing situation

Our legal team can help you determine whether your situation justifies seeking a modification and provide you with effective representation during legal hearings. Further, we will inform the court of any important factors that affect your child's well-being.

With capable legal representation, achieving a child custody modification is possible and may be easier than you think.

You or your former spouse moving away? Learn how a move could affect your child custody arrangements.

Make a Positive Difference for Your Child

The right attorney can have a profound positive impact on child custody negotiations and court hearings. In many ways, it is an investment in your future. At CC LawGroup, A Professional Corporation, we listen to our clients and work hard to create custody outcomes that benefit parents and children.

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